Complex Paper Gardens is Mackenzie Browning’s new work featuring collage images of floral arrangements which are translated into halftone stencils for screen print. Mackenzie printed dozens of these images, along with marble patterns, lattice patterns, and checkerboard and constructed accordion books.

Mackenzie’s flower-patterned artist book series takes the blooming outdoor garden indoors with the concept of a folded paper posy. These expanding books can be brought out the same way one would display flowers for a special occasion or to brighten up a rainy day. These books borrow heavily from the characteristics of suburban dwellings, by referencing simple architectural roof types and windows.

The books are a smaller version of Mackenzie’s print-based installations. They are created with sharply cut edges and geometric folds, which expand into architectonic sculptures. This series symbolizes the idea of a “Green Barrier,” a term that I have used to describe an inoffensive obstruction used in landscape architecture. In suburban and urban environments, diverse plant life is often used to control, conceal, and divide property. This greenery acts as a way to suppress unsightly views and forms a welcoming façade for dwellings and commercial structures. The strong floral patterning of my books disguises the sharp lines and building-like assemblies. This series expresses a level of obsessiveness over plant life, creating an ideal domesticated and sterile floral object.

The handmade books in this series were crafted using acrylic based inks, cotton-rag paper, black pressboard, and binder’s board. The designs were double-sided screen-printed using a four-colour, halftone printing process. The folded designs are bound together using acid free, silicon-based adhesives. Each artist book design is a limited edition of either two or three. The carefully screen-printed material used in this floral book series was printed during Mackenzie’s April 2015 Spark Box Studio residency in Picton, Ontario.

Complex Paper Gardens is on display at the Drake Devonshire in Wellington, Ontario, Canada from July 1, 2016 – October 31, 2016.

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